Recent Relocation

I feel like this title can apply to quite a few things over the last year.

We moved back to Louisiana in July of 2016 and spent about 9 months living in Abita Springs with my sister in law. We were a block from the Abita Brewpub, and I road my bicycle to Covington, LA almost every day. We loved it there. However, we knew that we needed a more permanent place to live.

In April of 2017, we moved to Poplarville, MS. This is about an hour from Abita Springs and New Orleans. So we’re still very close to where we were in Louisiana. But now, we are in an even smaller town. It’s lovely here, and we have a large house on a big corner lot right outside the city limits.

In addition, I’ve finally got this blog up and running. It has also been relocated so to speak. Though due to the magic of DNS, it will appear exactly as it has always appeared under the link

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